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Why MJM Ink?

Forming MJM Ink began as wishful thinking years ago. As her love for the industry and its people grew, so did Mary Jo's desire to assist companies who could benefit from her skills. She saw that many supply chain organizations simply don't have the resources to employ a full-time marketing & communications specialist or retain the services of an agency. And she believed that the unique perspective she brings to the table would be a significant benefit to clients.

MJM Ink possesses great respect for the history of the Plumbing, HVACR and PVF supply chains, and the many dedicated individuals that laid the groundwork for others to follow. Even with new technology, relationships are still at the core of our industry. MJM Ink blends the best of both worlds — modern communication methods with messaging and strategy built around long-term relationships. MJM Ink creates communications & marketing programs that span multiple platforms that will enhance clients’ engagement with targeted audiences, increase their visibility and grow their businesses.

During two decades as an industry observer, advocate and editor, she became well-versed in the evolution of the PHCP/PVF distribution channel and companies within it, along with the lasting impact of many leading executives. She built an industry-wide network of strong relationships and began identifying the key factors that influence why and how companies choose their business partners.

Mary Jo's distinctive style of writing with a personal flair goes far beyond typical corporate profiles or messaging, and brings these stories to life in a professional yet vivid and memorable way. And her fully integrated approach, which also includes digital communications platforms, video and social media, takes her storytelling capabilities to a whole new level of impact. MJM Ink has the ideal solution for virtually any supply chain organization to effectively promote their products, services and staff. With such a deep-rooted industry background, MJM Ink understands your businesses, markets, competition, supply chain partners and customers. When strategizing with clients, Mary Jo knows the right questions to ask and, equally as important, really listens to their answers. This empowers her to create just the right customized content and select the right communications platforms to effectively share clients' desired messaging with their targeted audiences. Whether you have a one-time special project or need comprehensive program management, MJM Ink will create the communications and marketing solutions that are right for you!

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